Black Britanyaa - BiographyWith roots in East London, Black Britanyaa’s Segge Dan and Daddy Ash are the voice of second and third generation immigrants, who blend a myriad of identities in Old Blighty: British, Black British and their parents’ heritage. Hence the spelling of Brit an Yaa (Yaa being an African name for a woman). They thrive on doing things differently and call their brand of Hip Hop: ‘music for true connoisseurs’.

As journalist Derek. A .Bardwell (The Voice) wrote, “Originality - you have to give it up to Daddy Ash, Segge Dan and the whole Abduction crew, they’re always trying something new whether it be in the themes or in the music they use”.

Their debut album, The Windrush Volume 2, continues in that vein of originality: by producing an album that embraces and reflects the different music styles that Black Britons have created over the last 60 years.

Black BritanyaaBlack Britanyaa’s musical influences are steeped in the traditions from those who came before: from the newly arrived Black immigrants of the 50’s; to the Ska generation of the 60’s and 70’s; from the British soul of the 80’s; to the dynamism of Jungle in the 90’s and now in the millennium with the growth of an urban explosion. And not forgetting a major import to these shores - Hip Hop, with the likes of London Posse, KRS1, Talib Kweli and Common contributing to their musical development.

Segge Dan and Daddy Ash are not your stereotypical rappers: Segge Dan is a college lecturer and a mentor, whereas Daddy Ash has just completed his MA in Events Management. They also run their own label and have had previous releases such as the underground classic “Spaghetti Junction” (2002) which featured the likes of Skinnyman and Skeme and other releases have appeared on compilations such as UK Runnings Vol 3 (2005) and UK Hip Awards (2002).

As with the majority of Black Britons born and raised in London, a melting pot of flavours, cultures and nations are brewing to form an identity that differ from their parents. Black Britanyaa recognises their Britishness and also embraces the cultures of the Black Diaspora. Both elements are juxtaposing together and can either compliment each other or be in conflict with each other - Black Britanyaa chooses the former.

The legacy of Soul II Soul is passed on, as Black Britanyaa captures that Black British feel in the form of their debut album - The Windrush Volume 2.

Black Britanyaa

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