Styly Cee And Cappo - The H-Bomb EP 12" [Son]“Can we listen to something else? This is too hectic”. Hectic: a word that sums up Cappo and Styly Cee’s latest collaborative outing, a limited pressing three track slab of wax entitled ‘The H-Bomb EP’. H-Bomb: another accurate term of description. This is explosive, in the way that Public Enemy were on many of their heaviest tracks; expect an ear-battering session reminiscent of the rap releases of the late 80’s.

In fact it draws together a few influences, some may hear Rza and the Wu-Tang, some Rick Rubin and his many MCs, some the Bomb Squad, some the Young MC-esque releases of days gone by. Whatever it is you hear, it’s bound to evoke nostalgia and in a climate of some pretty lame, spiritless versions of Hip Hop, this is more than a good thing. In a wistful way this is invigorating.

Styly Cee does update the old sounds though, in many ways the production here is mature and professional compared to its roots - it’s suitable for this century and is more than a re-hash of aged ideas. Cappo harnesses the angst of street commentators both modern and traditional, and with a Nottingham lilt he supplies the necessary other half to Styly Cee’s weighty sonics.

As far as I know, and my knowledge has considerable distance (but do correct me if I’m wrong), no-one in the UK is running things quite like this and the ability to rise above the sea of sameness is everything right now. Cappo and Styly Cee; we salute you, for you rocked.

'The H-Bomb EP' is out on November 10th on Son Records.

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Styly Cee And Cappo - The H-Bomb EP 12" [Son]

Track List:

Side A

01. Tell Them
02. Time Will Tell
03. Time Will Tell (Inst)

Side B

01. Unwritten Rule
02. Unwritten Rule (Inst)
03. Tell Them (Inst)

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