A-Skillz ft. Krafty Kuts - Happiness 12" [Finger Lickin']If you’re anything like me, these dark mornings and evenings a little depressing. If you go to and come home from work in the dark and have forgotten what the sun, no matter how cloud covered, looks like then this might be for you. It’s definitely for me.

The last time A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts kicked it they produced the awesomely funky ‘Tricka Technology’, a five star album if I ever heard one. This time round they’ve pretty much kept the same formula for their track ‘Happiness’. It’s perfect for sticking on after work on Friday, ready for a good weekend of celebrating nothing but life itself. It might even just make you forget that we’re going into recession and it will certainly have you dancing at the kitchen sink. Break beats, hand claps by the Kg, Elvis-ish vocals, hums and all manner of block rocking things make this one, more importantly, one for the clubs - the good ones anyway.

A-Skillz then teams up with Beardyman, who is in my opinion the best beatboxer in the country right now. ‘Got The Rhythm’ follows the A-Skillz template of party rocking breaks and is, as usual, a perfect mashup of Funk and Hip Hop. Beardyman lends some faux-James Brown call-outs, some of his awesome record reversal vocals and some outstanding trumpeting.

The last track is a Beardyman bonus and it’s chuffin’ awesome and hilarious - a sense of humour is now a requirement for any beatboxer, you have to hear this!

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