Joe Budden And The Game - The Future MP3 [Amalgam]Well first of all it makes a change from Joey's normal depressed and kinda sober sound which although he does do well with, is not what we want in this current climate.

The track has that edgy club feel like a lot of artists have taken aboard. House music is popping up all over Hip-Hop tracks and it's kinda like a new era for Hip-Hop.

The track is interesting and when the hook came in at 00:09 it had me I instantly started feeling the track.

The New Jersey native came back with something after Mood Muzik 3 which was an good mixtape but when he was dropped from his record label things started to go downhill and many haven't heard anything from him in a while so its good to hear him come back and show the haters that he's still got the swag and his flow is still nice.

Now for The Game. Well what can I say, I personally think that his lyrical ability is weak. I think Joe would've been better spitting with someone who's a little bit stronger. But that's my opinion don't attack me on that!

A lot of people have said that the Game's trying to sound like Jigga on this and I can kinda hear it. Overall the track is pretty good, I’m feeling the new house / club sound and wish Joe success in the future. The Joint is tight and the game need's you Joe!

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