Back in 1997 Krumb Snatcha was holding some aces. A Gangstarr affiliation, a classic Premier produced single that captured the zeitgeist of 90’s NY reality rap, a sustainable and receptive market for 12 inch vinyl and most importantly a fan base who gave a fuck. But ten years on its fair to say the game done changed. Fortunately, Krumb is still rocking like people are listening; stepping it up since his last 12” ‘Boston to Virginia’ which was, frankly, terrible.

Feeling’ is a simple slice of soulful Hip Hop boasting a cool soul sample and nice drums courtesy of those Beatminerz. The vocal is proficient, but the instrumental sounded just fine without it, sorry Krumb. He saves his best for the heavier going flipside proving he’s not afraid to use his Springfield Library card. ‘Mind Control’ flexes a dope no frills Large Pro beat that works well but needs a change up that never comes.

The package is let down by two unnecessary tracks ‘Shine Eye Gal’ and ‘Hidden Scriptures’, the lyrical highlights of which are deflated by lacklustre beats. All in all, a decent if slightly frustrating effort from a good rapper who may well have missed his moment.

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Krumb Snatcha

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