9th Wonder - Remixes 1 EP [Ill Will]9th Wonder continues his slightly worn habit of remixing Nas; this time round giving some of the hits he’s missed such as ‘Made You Look’, ‘Get Down’ and ‘I Can’ the trademark soul stamp. I’ve been impressed by 9th in the past - the first Little Brother LP was sick as were highlights of the Minstrel Show, The Formula and not forgetting the amazing Murs: 9th Edition EP, but this EP could put a small horse to sleep.

It’s not that Nas’s vocals don’t work over his dreamy soundscape(s), the problem is that there’s only one sound here. Many legendary producers have a signature sound and 9th is, rather incredulously, considered by some to be the Premo / Pete Rock of the noughties. But to my ears he’s just taking the piss on this - the beats are almost indistinguishable. Oh and don’t get me started on the drums, how can someone who teaches a Hip Hop degree cock up his drums so systematically? I’m boring myself even writing about it. Forget this and investigate his better material and his dope Justice League crew. Must try harder.

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9th Wonder

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