Ludacris ft. Jay-Z And Nas - I Do It For Hip-Hop MP3 [Def Jam]First thing's first when I heard that Ludacris, Jay-Z and Nas were all on a track together I knew it was gonna be fire! This track's featured on Ludacris's new album, "Theatre of the Mind" and if the album follows the same style as on this track its definitely going to do well!

This track is a mixture of Ludacris's dirty south swagger then QB's finest, Nas's swag and the tune which is a laid back piano tune and then has a classic Banging beat. Then after Nas's verse Jay comes in and brings his cool and collected NY swag to the track and it works extremely, extremely well and if these dudes are doing it for Hip-Hop I'm excited as to what the future of Hip-Hop is going to sound like!

The crazy DJ scratch effects work well which shows that this track has been thought of and listening to each artist spit their verse which is a bit short you kind of start to think there's got to be more than this which would be nice as a track like this would be even better if it was a bit longer but Im going to forgive them because this track is on fire! Im excited if this is what happens nearing the end of 2008 with Hip-Hop I can't wait to see what these artists are going to bring to Hip-Hop in 2009!

As Ludacris said, "I don't do it for the chains and the flashing rocks / I do it for Hip-Hop!"

This is what I call REAL Hip-Hop!

Btw if you haven't heard this track check it out seriously its crazy man. Peace.

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