Tai Mahmud - The Ashes MP3 [Hott]Tai Mahmud is the thesaurus' first option when you look up positive development. As one of Britain's fastest maturing lyricists, after Tai changed his name from ‘Osiris’ to using his own birth name and ditched over 60 tracks; a fresh, clean, purposeful core was given to his music.

No profanity. No slander. No need. With his incredible intellect and integrity, any audience is infiltrated by the language which boldly layers it concepts in a truly unique fashion.

With his debut album currently being recorded, anticipation is growing, and the results appear even more promising with this new instant hit - 'The Ashes'. With proceeds going to Afghan Aid, set against a smokey, surreal minimal background, the vocals hold the key position. And, whoah, some vocals they are. Skin painted, and speech bloated, with decorations of vogue statements. Dispatching basal rain to carry salty drops of harboured doubt... Shafted by innocence and mauled by adulthood. Fanned by money, and paying back the shadow. The audience is directly addressed with a thick paste of personal revelations, honest statements, politikin, wake up calls and social commentary that fall so fast it takes several listens before you begin to take them all in.

Tai MahmudFollowing the soft strings of 'Goodbye', the pure spoken words of 'Fall Of Geneva' and the harsh snares of 'Fabrigation'; 'The Ashes' is evidence of how insanely fast this forward thinking activist has. So here you have it - the purpose and purity faith can give to an MC is here at home in Britain, not lying with Busta's offensive ignorance over in... what do they call that country again?

Make your day mean more. Cop a track that not only has some inspirational linguistics, and verbal talent; but is for a worthy cause also. Afghan Aid supports children, women and local development across Afghan countries which have been unfairly, and illegally disrupted and demolished. Think about it...

In the words of Mahmud - "First Iraq 1, then Iraq 2, 10 years down the line your children will suffer a war too".

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