SaB-o-TaGe - Holocaust Of Today [Audio]"I see a genocide right before my eyes - it's the holocaust of today". Remember when you used to listen to a hip hop track... and then listen again and again and again? Just to get a whole new take on the lines? Seems as though the majority of those carrying such a challenged these day are the rappers who are poets, or poets who are rappers. Because when they don't recognise rap is poetry, they don't honour the language with eloquence.

At only 16 years old, the Muslim Council of Britain highlighted Sabotage as 'The Best British Muslim Poet of 2007'.

In July 2008, "The Voice Of The Oppressed" - Sabotage's debut album dropped for purchase with a resoundingly positive response.

This new piece is a painful tribute to the innocent deaths caused by the Israeli occupation. As highlighted by anyone who does their research - the state of Israel and its inhuman actions are literal oppositions to the teaching of judaism, UN treaties, and human moral objectivity. This piece will get you thinking if nothing else. While the faith will only grow stronger as the days get tougher...

"It don't matter how high them war planes fly, God is above them right".

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