Nipsey Hussle - Hussle In The House mp3 [Epic]So Who is Nipsey Hussle? The West coast artist that's working on his debut album "South Central State of Mind" definitely knows how West Coast hip-hop should sound. "Hussle In the House" packed with the synthesiser this track is crazy. Start's off with NWA's classic "Straight Outta Compton" opening line "Straight Off of Slauson/ A crazy M**********r named Nipsey".

He rhymes hard and the lyricism keeps flowing and he sounds ad if he's been involved in the game for a long time, sounds experience even though he's only been signed since January 2008.

The track continues with the synth and a kind of funk sound. They both mix well together. The track in general sounds crazy and is perfectly put together and sounds confident as if he knows that his music and rhyming is good which it is!

Got the classic Gangster feel and lyrics associated with the West Coast and although I admit not being a fan of music like this (this is my opinion so don't hate!) I feel like this music is just generic and doesn't present a message. Hip-Hop means intelligent movement and rapping about guns, drugs or whatever doesn't seem like an intelligent movement to me, but I do have to admit that I do like this sound and am excited about the album coming out in the summer and I am sure you'll know who Nipsey Hussle is in the near future.

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Nipsey Hussle

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