Baron Von Alias - The Mechanism mp3 [White]Baron von Alias, the lyrical time Lord is proud to deliver the prelude to his debut album for free download, The Mechanism. Based in the North of England, the Baron has attracted the attention of names such as Guilty Simpson, Melanie Rutherford, T3 (Slum Village), Frank N Dank, Butta Verses along with producers Oh No, Dom P, Steesh and Khrysis; all of whom will appear on his impending release Timepiece.

The Mechanism serves as the appetizer to a feast that is ready to be devoured by Hip-Hop connoisseurs. Conceptually directing fans and lovers of music world wide to understand what it has taken for the Baron to arrive in 2009, this deftly crafted project solidifies UK Hip-Hop in the new Millennium. Using a selection of beats from Dutch producer Arhat as well as production from Khrysis, Madlib and more The Mechanism is a journey which the Baron wants you to be a part of.

The Baron identifies similar traits in all of us and his testament to staying true to oneself is apparent in the Shorte Bluez (GCD) produced The Truth. This track sets precedent for just what encourages him to be the rapper he so effortlessly is. "You should always be true to yourself and who you are, do what you want to do and not be influenced and swayed by other people so that we all merge into one".

Speaking on what he hopes music lovers will get from this the Baron divulges, "Experience The Mechanism with an open mind and find out what was involved in the workings of Timepiece , revealing what went into my up and coming official debut and just how I got to where I am now".

To download the mechanism for free please follow the link below:

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Baron Von Alias

Track list:

01. Time Of Death [prod by Madlib]
02. Word [prod by Madlib]
03. HedNod [prod by Madlib]
04. Synopsis - The Awakening [prod by Arhat]
05. Silence Masks [prod by Arhat]
06. Megaphones N' Hearing Aids [prod by Arhat]
07. True Skool Unity [prod by Plan B]
08. Truth [prod by Shorte Bluez]
09. WhereDitGo [prod by Shorte Bluez]
10. Can You Hear Me [prod by Arhat]
11. Cuckoo Crock [prod by Arhat]
12. Magnificient Mindset [prod by Arhat]
13. Shine On [prod by Khrysis]
14. BrainFood [prod by Dom P]
15. Consequences Snippet [prod by Oh No]

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