Wordsmith - The Album TourHitting the road again after all his hard work in the studio, Wordsmith is going all out to promote his forthcoming album "In Pursuit of Harmony". One of the UK's strongest MC's is back on stage where he belongs. An awesome live performer his presence on the microphone makes an impact wherever he goes. Crowd rocking beats and scratches combined with raw charisma, wit and lyrical dexterity.

The tour features one of the strongest line ups around, with fellow F.L.I.P family members Big Ben and Supar Novar added to the familiar faces of Genesis Elijah and DJ Race, who worked together on the Trading Bars Tour.

The Album Tour Featuring:

  • Wordsmith
  • Genesis Elijah
  • Big Ben
  • Supar Novar
  • DJ Race

Also available with:

  • Micall Parknsun
  • Dubbledge
  • Dr Syntax
  • Ahmos

Expect an explosive example of banging UK hip-hop at it's finest!

Dates available March / April.


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