Pitman - The Dirty Helmet Sessions CD [Son]Haha! Pitman is back! Son Records’ most wacky creation brings you a back catalogue of tracks from a 12 year period of between times mentalness from real life man Styly Cee.

With 6 of the 10 tracks being previously unreleased, the hardcore fans of Hip Hop’s most rappin’est coal miner won’t be disappointed. In fact, no-one should feel let down - jokes, of a kind, flow freely. ‘Phone Pitman 2’, ‘It Takes Tea’, ‘Latin Bingo’ and ‘Jungle Pit ‘97’ are the 4 tracks that have already made their way onto 7” vinyl.

‘Phone Pitman 2’ lambastes Jamie Oliver, whack MCs, Jay Z, Elton John, Craig David, Vocoders (very apt for now), Nelly (the elephant) and Gary Glitter. ‘It Takes Tea’ takes off the Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock track wonderfully – it’s a banger, and it’s hilarious!

Of the unheard tracks there’s plenty more hilarity to be had with way too many quotes to mention. ‘The Breaks’ sees Pitman commentating on a load of classic funk breaks and ‘Words 2’ is a perfect example of Pitman’s how his mind wanders from one thing he thinks is crap to another - like James Blunt. He even imparts advice from a book what ees got on ‘Bright Side of the Fence’.

The Dirty Helmet Sessions’ is out on the 16th February on Son Records.

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Pitman - The Dirty Helmet Sessions CD [Son]

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