Raptilian - Trial And Error EP [Gordon Bennett]Continuing where they left off with previous releases Gordon Bennett records’ latest project is Raptilian’s ‘Trial and Error EP’. Sounding like the boys nipped into the next room during a party ‘Trial and Error’ is the Hip Hop soundtrack for a gathering round your place.

Producer Lounge Lizard factors Funk, Soul, Jazz and Blues into his skittish beats and rapper Diagnostik heroically keeps up with some fast paced production. Even though only two or three of the tracks are above 100 BPM the album maintains a rapid pace until bonus track ‘Like No Other’ simmers things down to close. ‘Oh My Word’ stands out for its jolly beats and ‘Life of the Party’ for its dissection of the life of irresponsible ravers. ‘No Filler’ discusses what no one will say about Raptilian – boring albums and tracks.

‘Trial and Error’ is a perfectly executed model of an EP. Its length matches its appeal and Raptilian pack enough into the time they have to suffice – people with short attention spans will more than cope. It’s out now and can be bought from the almighty itunes.

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Raptilian - Trial And Error EP [Gordon Bennett]

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