Jabba Tha Cut - The DJ Sessions CD [HHB]Blam! Jabba Tha Kut’s new double mix CD could be decribed with that one word. It’s terrific! Jabba has selected just under 20 of the best UK tunes and the same amount of US tunes and has mixed, cut and blended them together most expertly to create a pretty joyful listening experience.

I couldn’t have chosen a better play list myself - familiar and now-familiar tracks form a back-to-back wall of thumping Hip Hop. The opening tracks on both the UK and the US CD absolutely bang - Constant Creation’s anthem ‘Staying Hardcore’ and ‘Do It Now’ by Mos Def and Busta Rhymes are so heavy! English guests include Sir Smurf Lil, Triple Darkness, Skibadee, Brotherman, Jack Flash, Lowkey, Dirty Diggers and Kyza.

On the US disc you get the aforementioned Busta and Mos, Sean Price, Marco Polo, O.C., CL Smooth and Reks. The underground is thouroughly represented on both CDs with the lesser known names providing absolute fire to rival the famous guys.

This one will definitely be returning to all manner of music players in my life and I can honestly say it has put me onto a few artists who I’ll be looking out for - Aboriginals for example, who appear to be a modern day Native Tongues - lovely. Thanks Jabba and HHB Radio!

It's being released on 23rd February 2009 and if I were you I'd go here to find out more and to buy it!

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Jabba Tha Cut - The DJ Sessions CD [HHB]

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