Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 2It's here! The second installment! 20 tracks of UK Hip Hop for your lug'oles. Check back daliy for updates on more music from the artists involved. Be sure to check myspaces, leave comments for me and them - all feedback is welcome. The second installment in the series (Vol. 3 will be hot on its heels) continues the quest to expose UK Hip Hop artists, potentially, to people all over this green planet.

It features exclusives and never heard elsewhere tracks from JVF Clique, Jay Madden, Chris L, Assa, Jut, Dan Bull, Mrs. Pez, Jimmy Crack, Skrimshank, Remus, Krate Krusaders, Antidote, Pro P, TLG, Chima Anya, The Three Amigos, Naïve, Grit Grammar, Dan Bull, Joker Starr, MasterSystem, Asaviour, Apa-Tight, Dabbla, Miss Tofelees, Gouki P, Antiheroes, Reklews, Lowercase, Chattabox, Sober, Simple Samples, Circle Makerz, King David, Cipher Jewels and Reggiimental.

Feel free to use these tracks, re-post them on your blog, burn them - whatever y'all do with mp3's these days. Just be sure to let us know what you do with them so artists can keep track!

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Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 2

Track List:

01. Certified Banger Exclusive - JVF Clique (produced by Pappa Doc)
02. Coming For The Game ft. Jay Madden, Chris L & Assa - Jut
03. Dr. Who ft. Dan Bull, Mrs. Pez & Jimmy Crack – Skrimshank (produced by Damo)
04. Respect Your Elders ft. Remus - Krate Krusaders
05. Life Is Real - Antidote (produced by Pro P)
06. Truth Or Lie - TLG (produced by Eyebs)
07. All I Wanna Do - Chima Anya
08. Real Life Drama - The Three Amigos (produced by Naive)
09. Final Frontier - Grit Grammar (produced by Baron Samedi)
10. After Life - Dan Bull
11. Drama - Joker Starr (produced by G Man)
12. See I Realise ft. Anneke - MasterSystem (produced by Whys)
13. Gully - Asaviour & Apa-Tight
14. The Title - Dabbla (produced by Miss Tofelees)
15. Mimsey Grove - Gouki P (produced by Ants & Jut)
16. Subhuman Nature ft. Darkstar - Antiheroes (produced by Reklews)
17. Rugged Bros ft. Lowercase - Chattabox (produced by Sober)
18. Dark Matter (Remix) - Simple Samples (produced by Dweller)
19. Crop Circles ft. Circle Makerz - King David (produced by Safron)
20. Family Life ft. Cipher Jewels – Reggiimental (produced by DJ Konn)

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