MassariIt’s not often that you see an artist from Beirut cropping up in the world of R&B, but Massari (which means money in Arabic) is definitely one to watch for 2006. The 24 Year Old, born in Beirut, Lebanon now lives in Canada (and has done since the age of 13)  were his album is already certified gold.

Massari’s distinct voice married with a unique sound  of  heavy R&B beats and  Middle Eastern melodies is set to make him one most exciting new artist to hit the UK in 2006. “Because of my background, my music is heavily influenced with middle-eastern melodies.  Over the past few years so many artists are trying to bring Arabic styles into their music, but mine is authentic”, explains Massari.

MassariHis debut single release in the UK entitled “Be Easy” out on 27th March 2006, spent four months in the Top Ten in Canada and propelled him to A list celebrity status. His self entitled debut album which will be released in March in the UK, features upbeat dance tracks, mid-tempo joints and smooth ballads and one of Hip Hops major players, former Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist Loon“I’m definitely very selective about the records I get on.  It didn’t matter if he was an established artist or not, it was just the quality of the record, the quality of the music that made me want to get involved”, says Loon.

Massari (pronounced Ma-Sar-ee) cites Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin as musical influences.  However, growing up he has been exposed to various styles of music and because of that his biggest influence is legendary Arabic singer George Wassouf “I sing from my heart and George Wassouf taught me to do that", says Massari.

In keeping with his name and musical style Massari is “The Money”.

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