Mecca2Medina - BiographyMecca2Medina have been in existence for eleven years. The group was formed by Rakin after he was given advice by his Sheikh to continue using his musical talents to make Islamic music. Before that Rakin was part of a UK group called Cash Crew they were one of the most successful groups in the UK Hip Hop scene in the late 1980's to early 1990's.

He left this group to focus more on his Islamic studies, at this point his Islamic teacher encouraged him to form a group that would be 100% focused on Islam. The music created by the group is conscious hip hop. The aim is to educate, entertain and enlighten the listener. All of the members converted to Islam and you can hear the influence of this in their lyrics.

The boys have completed two hip hop albums and two mini albums. These were:- Mecca Experience, Revolutionary Rap, Truthseekers and Seeing Through the Smoke. This has helped the group to have a mixed fan base.

Mecca2medina have recently been on a tour in Nigeria, Holland  and Sudan which was organised by the British Council. The main aim of the tour was to present a British form of Islam, showing that Muslims are living, working and involved in the arts in the UK.

As well as going to Nigeria the group have performed in Chicago, New York and New Jersey in the USA at ISNA an Islamic conference alongside many other top Islamic music groups. M2M have also been busy performing up and down Europe at various Islamic events and universities.

The group were proud to perform at the first Islamic Eid celebration in Trafalgar square an estimated 25,000 people attended the event. They were also honoured to perform at the Global Peace and Unity Event, Living Islam and the Islam Expo recently too. They have performed for organisations such as Love Music Hate Racism and The Stop the War Coalition. The group also performed last year at the RISE festival where they got a rapturous response.


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