Lakeview TerraceA young mixed race couple (he's white, she's black) move into their first home. Unfortunately for them their neighbour is a racist cop (Jackson) who does his best to make their lives hell.

This film for me was just ok, it is a bog standard thriller done by numbers. The couple are alright, not great but ok, Jackson is the person you don't want to move next door to - he's a neighbour from hell; he hides behind his badge abusing his power. He begins by making things awkward for the couple, they then argue (although it would seem they were already having some problems before), he tries and succeeds in winding them up etc etc.

The actors play their parts ok and the film just moves along, there are also hints at deeper issues: the base for Jacksons racism and also Wilsons character also, it appears is having problems with being in an interracial relationship but these are glossed over and merely hinted at. If your going to watch it wait until it comes to TV - which wont be long.

Directed by: Neil LaBute


Samuel L. Jackson - Abel Turner
Patrick Wilson - Chris Mattson
Kerry Washington - Lisa Mattson

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Lakeview Terrace

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