Soweto Kinch - The Flyover Show 13th June 2009The Flyover Show returns for a second year and an even more explosive spectacle beneath the Hockley Flyover in Birmingham. This completely unconventional approach to showcasing art and creativity from across Britain’s urban communities features live music, performance poetry, dance, visual art and a roster of artists from as far afield as Johannesburg and New York.

This year’s event also has a special focus, as it is tied to a bid to save the adjacent Mohammed Ali Centre from demolition. Join in the campaign to rescue the building, raise funds and make it a lasting testament to our cultural vision.

The Flyover Show is about reclaiming abandoned spaces, transforming them into outstanding arenas of creative opportunity and expression, and restoring the soul of the city. Featuring legendary established artists such as Linton Kwesi Johnson as well as new emerging talents from Birmingham - such as Tan, Cherrelle Skete, Metamore. Last year, this ground breaking festival attracted over 1,500 people - make sure you don’t miss out in 2009!

Check out Soweto Kinch’s acoustic hip-hop jam at The Drum in Birmingham, ‘Battle In The Box’.

For full details and line-up, visit:

Soweto Kinch - The Flyover Show 13th June 2009

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