English KidI have a couple of English Kid CDs here to tell you about. I have very little info on the guy, suffice to say that he hails from Peckham, South London. This particular CD that I have got round to is three tracks long.

The CD opens with Get Out Of The Way a great bumper in which English Kid questions others motivation and skills and explains how he is going to do his own thing to succeed. English Kid has a clear and succinct delivery, which is well tailored to fit with the beat. The production features some drum pan sounds and 70’s strings for a head nodder made by Shaydoss.

English Kid
01. Get Out Of The Way
02. Just Too Grilly
03. Reppin For The Dirt

The impressive first offering is followed by the Just Too Grilly track, which features the MC talents of the UK’s next female lyricist Ria in the last verse. This is harder edged and has a dark feel as English Kid gets a bit aggy with the verbals as he describes everyday nefarious deeds that go down in his manor. Its all about survival and English Kid is sure he has the strength to prevail.

The final track is produced by the under exposed, but mega talented Keith Lawrence. Reppin For The Dirt links up horns, guitars and a flute for a real jittery bounce track. English Kid again delivers the aural bliss from SE22 and explains his hustle and bigs up the others from his ends who are doing their thing to enable them to hold their heads up. The Dulwich dirt is grimy, but if you put in the work you can make some stacks.

English Kid and the overall package he is presenting impress me. The music is quality and can’t be faulted. This CD is one of those rare ones that gets you up and moving and re-enthuses you about music in general. Big up English Kid, big things to follow.

You can get more info on the kid by texting "Englishkid" to 83211.

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