Tef-CoWest London’s Tef-Co are an upcoming crew and have their first official single Rumours out now. They come across as a very professional unit and their image is well refined. These guys seem to know what direction they are going in. The CD features three tracks, the first Rumours makes use of production from DJ Gold Fingers and comes in dirty and radio versions.

With its shrill high pitched sample and keyboards Rumours is a mid paced offering which is a walk through the Tef Co’s daily realities. The lyrics are designed to deflect anything that others may be going around saying to besmirch their name. The song is a basic introduction to the crew as they explain that they can’t loose until they move to the cemetery.

01. Rumours
02. Rumours (Radio Edit)
03. Wake Up (Radio Edit)
04. We Don’t Play
05. We Don’t Play (Radio Edit)
Wake Up is another mid paced track from Gold Fingers which makes use of some very atmospheric strings samples for a softer more ephemeral floaty vibe and the MCs switch up their style for a more laid back softly spoken delivery with same equally sweetly soft female vox for the chorus to complete the tune.

The final track We Don’t Play again comes in radio and dirty versions and is this time produced by DJ Snips who delivers a big sounding wall of horns for an impressive impact. Urgency levels of the MCs are raised for rhymes which describe how serious the crew are. West London can be a serious territory and the Teflon Coalition explain how they keep repping their ends and coupled with support from Westwood the crew believe that they can go far.

All told this is a bit of a strange combination. The rhymes are hard and the beats are bumping, but for me there is something a bit commercial about this which tinges my opinions of it. It is un-deniable that the crew members Big Fize, Blaze-I and Trojah have severe skills and have some detailed flows which means they can ride a riddim neatly. I expect big things from these guys.

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