YNR Productions - Feeding Time At The Zoo LP [YNR]Here's my (un-edited) review of YNR's Feeding Time At The Zoo, originally written for and published in HHC Digital 002, it was their album of the month:

What with UK Rap and its Marmite status, this release will probably provoke one of two reactions: 'Yawn, backpack rap - boring' or 'Finally some decent Hip Hop in this Grime-addled scene'. I'm going to imagine you're of that second opinion: after all, you're not reading this in Angling Times.
The new and improved roster of friends and family proves YNR have adapted and are managing to maintain their alpha male status - their music is testament to this. Jehst and co. have a renewed vigour and confidence (no, not swagger) that their wares are exactly the shot in the arm that UK Hip Hop needs. And it is, pretty much.

Beats come from the likes of Beat Butcha, Chemo and DJ IQ who all provide bumpy, progressive productions that still hark back to those beloved golden days and Kashmere, Sir Smurf Lil, Joker Starr, Mystro, Kyza, Micall Parknsun, Jack Flash and Cappo all feature over its 15 tracks.

The non-Londoners put in sterling work with SonnyJim and Kelakovski's Flying To The Moon proving to be a stand out and Double D Dagger's track being sure to appeal to Hip Hop and Grime fans alike. Dubbledge's Alphabets is comically maverick whereas Verb T's Overworked is on a serious tip. Each beast represents his own breed and it's Feeding Time At The Zoo - these animals are hungry!

HHC also put up a free download of Micall Parknsun's 'Today' so if you've not bagged that yet, then do! 'Feeding Time At The Zoo' will be released on 25th May on the YNR Productions label.

Read more at: Certified Banger

YNR Productions - Feeding Time At The Zoo LP [YNR]

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