Yung - Unconditional Hustle CD [MKD Recordings]Yung (you may know him as Yungblud), dropped his mixtape Unconditional Hustle on 4th May. Yung spits ruggedly over beats from S.Chu, Wizard, 7th Dan of MKD, Mikey J and some self-produced instrumentals.

Tight and focussed freestyles flow thickly as Yung asserts himself alongside full tracks like heavy heaters like The Dedication and It's Alot. A definite American influence is evident here, fans of the gullier end of the US market will appreciate.

Conspicuous, Cobane and Shameless all feature on the hypnotic Flesh and Blood and the mixtape's theme continues. It finishes off with Nothing Remix, a big and bouncy anthemic tune which features Major and T-Lo - defo a favourite. As is usual with mixtapes, things are a little unfocused and samey but this is decent music nevertheless.

Unconditional Hustle is out now on MKD Recordings / The Hip Hop Village / RGS Entertainment.

Read more at: Certified Banger

Yung - Unconditional Hustle CD [MKD Recordings]

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