What The F-UK Is NY Street - Episode 4The fifth of 6 installments as Lady Jay takes you on a journey through New York's music, fashion and culture! Is it really as hot as people say?... decide for yourself featuring:


  • Skyzoo
  • Torae
  • Sickamore
  • Invincible
  • End Of The Weak

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Jay Diamond

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Selected Articles:

JVF Clique - Alternative Income [Clique Recordings...
JVF Clique - Alternative Income [Clique Recordings]

As the world economy teeters on the edge of Armageddon and city boys in the square mile kiss goodbye [ ... ]

Shameless MC is The Truth! (Elbow Room 12/7/07)
Shameless MC is The Truth! (Elbow Room 12/7/07)

Yo... Shameless' live set last night at the Elbow Room ('longside the Paddyraggaband...) was [ ... ]

Killa Kela - Secrets single
Killa Kela - Secrets single

Killa Kela's attack on mainstream society begins on April 24th with the release of the multivocalist [ ... ]

Lily Allen Makes Benicassim Fans 'Smile'
Lily Allen Makes Benicassim Fans 'Smile'

FIB Heineken are proud to announce that Lily Allen, Glasvegas and The Mystery Jets will all perform  [ ... ]

DJ Dax and The Beggaz mixtape - for free download

Hidden Aspects / The Beggaz (Wu-Tang Clan Killa Beez) and DJ Dax present Part Time Job The Late Sh [ ... ]



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