Mystery Of 'Jerusalem' Rapper Continues - Who Is MC Nobody?Someone call Jessica Fletcher - a mystery is afoot in the urban music scene! A masked rapper - known only as Nobody - is creating a huge buzz online with a track called Jerusalem. The track - which borrows from William Blake’s classic poem - is a satirical poke at contemporary British life, set against a funky electro melody and an infectious bassline.

Music chat rooms and blogs have been buzzing with speculation as to the true identity of the rapper, the names Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Ty, Pyrelli, PNids, DPS and Sway have all been mentioned.

Yesterday, in a new twist the mysterious rapper released an accompanying video to the track, which is quickly generating views and comments on YouTube and Myspace.

In the hilarious video, Nobody and crew kidnap The Queen and take her on a tour of the real British way of life. Viewers follow Nobody (and Liz) on a side-splitting tour of his the local chip shop, his east London flat and the Prince of Wales... the pub, that is.

Mystery Of 'Jerusalem' Rapper Continues - Who Is MC Nobody?

You will laugh out loud as the Queen hunts for bargains in Somerfield, beats Nobody at pool and tucks into a takeaway in front of EastEnders. One viewer on YouTube said: ‘Brilliant! The most I've laughed this year. Top tune too!’

The video has already generated interest from several DJs and major music channels including MTV Base - it’s only a matter of time before it’s on a screen near you.

Jerusalem is a foot-stomping, head nodding, banger of a track; thought provoking and about as contagious as swine flu!

Maybe you can figure out the mystery... who is Nobody?

By: Michelle Adabra

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