Virus Syndicate - Malaria EP [Contagious Music]If the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian Guide recommend something then it's got to be good, right? Well I wouldn't trust their opinions on this sort of thing but they may just be right this time.

The 'Malaria EP' (second in the three part 'Break Out Trilogy') is a full-on assault as Nika D, JSD and Goldfinger spit boldly over hyped up, bass ridden productions from both Kromestar and MRK 1. Hip Hop? Grime? Bassline? I dunno, it might just be Dance music.

Whatever it is, Manchester boys Virus Syndicate do it better than most - their rapid-fire delivery is clear for a start. Anything and Hijak are both in the same vein - straight up bragging. On B**ch they chat about guys (not girls) who, basically, just annoy them.

The 'Malaria EP' is out on Contagious Music on 6th July but you can buy it here, soon.

Read more at: Certified Banger

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