Franko Fraize & Lyrical T - Something In The Making EP [Hoodlem]Thetford's Franko Fraize and Lyrical T's first EP is here - 'Something in the Making'. Kicking off with a couple of string-laden Hip Hop tracks before a Grime excursion on 'MCs Don't Know'. Then you get 2 more slabs of Hip Hop until the Shakedown sampling dubstep haunter that is 'Seems I Can't Deny' wobbles speakers.

Dubby Reggae comes next followed by some Bassline-ish Dubstep whilst some Electro-Dub finishes things off. You get the picture - when Fraize raps, "I'm not straight Hip Hop, I crossover" on 'Something in the Making', he meant it.

This approach certainly keeps things interesting and DJ I.C, Redeye and Dillijence have done a good job of production. The two MCs have clearly waited for the right moment to record material - there is a quality to their all round mic skills no matter what style they're attempting.

Surprisingly, their Hip Hop approach to other genres has resulted in my favourite tracks being 'MCs Don't Know', 'Seems I Can't Deny', 'Herb Man Husslin'' and 'Everyday Thing' - their willingness to step out, to break the mould is a blessing - it means these two MCs stand out in this saturated market.

'Something In The Making' is out now on Hoodlem and is available at Suspect Packages now.

Read more at: Certified Banger

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