Brad Strut - Fallout Shelter EP [Unkut Recordings / Peruvian Gemz]The Australian Hip Hop scene is more closely related to ours than it is to the US scene. The main reason for this is the automatic hard work that has to be put in to be respected above our American brothers and the attention to detail in the lyrics - Brad Strut, an Australian now living in London, is at home here.

His Fallout Shelter EP dropped last month and with its 6 tracks being produced by Beat Butcha there is all the more reason for it to be on BHH. As you would expect, the production holds weight and Brad Strut pours his triple distilled lyrics perfectly over the beats. With a positive outlook (considering the name and the concept), I find this EP to be just how I want Hip Hop to be.

NO! is a harpsichord based apocalyptic thriller - if it's possible, this is the stand out track. The EP's pinnacle, the beautiful but banging Believe, is blissful and flawlessly created. Looking At You, the closing track, appears to deal with some very personal issues with cryptic lyricism (check the lyrics here) being the order of the day.

As if an excellent EP wasn't enough the EP comes packaged with a remixes LP featuring versions of Brad's past tracks by M-Phazes, Chemo, Beat Butcha, Jehst and The Last Skeptik amongst other (possibly Aussie) producers. With 13 extra tracks this is more than an incentive to buy this excellent package.

Fallout Shelter EP/ - Rejuvenation is out now and can be gotten at Suspect Packages.

Read more at: Certified Banger

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