Sleaze - Theolovision LP [Greasy Vinyl]Sleaze aka Hermes Trismegistus (Who? Whut?!) can be easily contrasted with Nas: whereas Nas notoriously picks bad beats, Sleaze has picked a set of bangers on this, his Theolovision long player. Ghost, Beat Butcha, Wizard, Endemic, Reklews, Hey!Zeus, Madskillz and Skank all pitch in with awesomely heavy beats - this LP's strong point.

Sleaze, a Bromwich boy transplanted to the south, retains his accent as he raps frenetically on tracks such as Wild Sumerian and Bembine Triad - which frankly, aren't as deep and thinky as I think Sleaze would like them to be. Mr. Trismegistus does stand out from the pack but mainly because of the fact that his rap style will not be to most people's taste - something he's aware of as the press release states "13 tracks of how Hip Hop should not be flavour of the week". Theolovision claims to be the brainchild of a theologist and historian amongst other things - I'd like to see those influences shine brighter, I'd like some real light bulb moments and I'd like some more insightful lyrics.

Sleaze has reeled in a list of likeminded MCs such as Ruffstylz, Lee Scott, Gramma Marksman, Super Dertie to vibe alongside this likeable but hard-to-swallow MC (No homo!). Stand out tracks are Wild Sumerian featuring T-Bone and Illmystic and Success (Worked My Whole Life For This).

Theolovision is out now and available at Suspect Packages and who knows, you might really feel this.

Read more at: Certified Banger

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