Presents 'CTRL: ALT: THE BEAT' CD mixed by K-Delight []This purely UK mix CD is from the beginning to the end a collection of classics with a liberal sprinkling of exclusives from the cream of UK Hip Hop. The CD is the first release from the mega UK Hip Hop website - and every single person I have spoken to about this so far has rated the CD as a classic.

The conception of the CD was designed as a fundraiser for the website which is relatively advert free, but this isn’t one of those support it cos it is one of ours jobs, this CD should be supported because it is quality all the way. Not only that, but the price has been kept especially low as this isn’t a majorly commercial operation to exploit you. There are 47 tracks which are mixed up superbly by Grandmaster K-Delight and if you are charged more than about £7 the person selling it to you is ripping you off and is also ripping off the website. Part of the idea is to continue doing what the website has always done and that is to showcase the best of UK talent. Presents 'CTRL: ALT: THE BEAT' CD mixed by K-Delight []The CD covers the entire gamut of UK Hip Hop from Old skool classics, right through to up to date material from the UK’s new guard. The CD opens with K-Delight cutting over the old theme for Treasure Hunt which has never sounded so good, then it is straight into Koaste’s freestyle over the old Badman Is Robbin beat by Hijack. A great and energetic start. I guess the CD is partly chronological with a load of older electro stuff and higher paced tracks earlier on, including acts like Broken Glass, Caveman, Gunshot and Killa Instinct. Old heads will recognise these names and feel all warm inside.

Classics and rare mixes follow seamlessly put together by the DJ. In the style that I like the tracks are largely uninterfered with, being allowed to play, the DJ carefully choosing his moments to get busy. Everyone who is anyone has supplied tracks, Lewis Parker, JehstChester P, Dirty Diggers, Chester P etc., etc. But in usual style it is not all obvious stuff. Underground gems are included as well. Who remembers HP’s Swindleberrybush, or My Time by Humurak D Gritty?

There are tasty new exclusives from Kamanchi Sly of Hijack and MCM of Caveman, and for me it is hard to pull out some highlights. I guess tracks like What The??? by Def Tex surprised me and near the end, Don’t Interrupt by Jabba The Cut featuring Dubbledge stood out.

I played the CD all the way through on a particularly good sound system. I have to say it sounds pretty good. I'm not worried about the crackleyness on the sampley bits. It obviously sounds like it has been to tape and back - compressed dynamic range, but largely it is acceptable and isn't like a new release with crisp sound though. The older tracks also sound worse because back then they did anyway, it would be mega hard to get it all to the same sonic quality, so I think K-Delight has done good. Also the pace of the mix seems to move on at the correct pace and there was only a couple of points where I ff'ed a bit, but this was primarily to hear what was coming next..

The trackist alone should drive you wild, but the whole package is quality. The product is professional, coming in a full Jewel CD case and fold out inlay. The design stands right out and gives you heaps of information on the website and the artists on the CD. I hope this isn’t the only CD that the site decides to put out as they have produced something special which every UK Hip Hop fan needs in their collection. Pure fire. Pick it up. Support the cause…

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