Holdin' Court At The Old Ford, Farnborough 18/07/2009To celebrate the release of 'Details' the 16 track long awaited debut from the Concentricks Holdin’ Court hosted a launch party last Saturday the 18th July at their resident venue The Old Ford, North Camp in Farnborough.

The show also boasted a live set by Brotherman of Silent Soundz records, performances by Ash MC, Guest DJ’s Chud, Dixie and La Fours and Holdin’ Court resident DJ’s Dr Zoots, Hooshang, DJ Shep and Ivan6.

The night began with sets from all of the resident DJ’s to welcome the crowd who made the effort to head down and represent at their favourite local Hip-Hop night.

The crowd gathered for the first performance of the night, Aldershot based beat boxer Vocal Madness. The on looking crowd, including a large number of friendly Aldershot heads, were engrossed by the incredible talents Vocal Madness displayed. Anyone hearing the sounds coming from inside the venue wouldn’t have been blamed for mistaking the tunes created for real instruments or records being played inside. To add to this spectacle, DJ Ivan6 added well-crafted, well-timed scratches over the top of the intricate, often multi-layered sounds produced.

Holdin' Court - BrothermanAsh MC, a local rapper with a resident spot at Phylum in Guildford, followed soon after, performing a load of new material. Brotherman kept things moving shortly after, his accompanying DJ, Flipz dropped the beats and performed scratches over well-known tracks like ‘Heart Of Dem’ but also performed exclusive new material from his forthcoming release ‘My Kind Of Country’.

Deeflux headlined the evening playing a short set of tracks from his free ‘Weapons Of Mass Disruption’ mix tape, Oddio Kin - ‘Double Dating Your Earholes’ and the newly released Concentricks ‘Details’ album. He went on shortly after Midnight to finish off the already energized crowd, starting the set with "Red" going onto perform Concentricks live favourites "Too Many Styles", "This Town is full of £$%^$" and Video Game Enthusiast and ending on the Oddio Kin single "This Is How We Do".

To draw the evening to a close, DJ Dixie and Ivan6 played out until the elated crowd finally dispersed into the night.

The next Holdin’ Court will once again be held at The Old Ford, North Camp where D.P.F the Norfolk based rapper will be performing alongside Dr Ernst from Utrecht, Holland and Fish PWS from Manchester.

To see all this for just £3.00 is an Un-missable opportunity!

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More info on this and future shows can be found here:

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Holdin' Court - Crowd

Holdin' Court - Crowd

Holdin' Court - DJ Dixie

Holdin' Court - Vocal Madness and DJ Ivan6

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