CoralineBased on Neil Gaiman's book of the same name Henry Selick (the man behind The Nightmare Before Christmas), Coraline tells the story of young Coraline Jones (Fanning) an inquisitive bored girl, who's parents have just moved into an apartment which forms one of many in a rambling run down house.

The house is home to many strange inhabitants from two faded actresses, a circus performer and even a talking cat. The strangest inhabitants of them all though is Coraline's other mother and other father - nearly the same as her real parents but they don't ignore here, they cook their favourite food, but what secrets are they hiding behind their button eyes.

Coraline is a film that shares a lot of similarities in style with Selick's earlier Nightmare Before Christmas; weird characters, Kaleidoscopic Technicolor scenes with strange twists and a storyline that rivals one of Grimm's fairy tales. The animation is great and stylish and the characterisation is good which is such a vital component of an animated film. It gives the younger audience the scare factor as well as the wow factor a key that makes the best fairy tales stand out from the rest.

As an adult I really enjoyed it, it might not be everyone's choice but if you liked Selick's predecessor then you shouldn't overlook this.

Director - Henry Selick


Dakota Fanning - Coraline Jones (Voice)
Teri Hatcher - Mel Jones / Other Mother / Beldam (Voice)
Jennifer Saunders - Miss April Spink / Other Spink (Voice)
Dawn French - Miss Miriam Forcible / Other Forcible (Voice)
Keith David - The Cat (Voice)
John Hodgman - Charlie Jones / Other Father (Voice)

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