In The LoopIn the Loop is a spin off from the BBC series The Thick Of It is Aramando Iannucci's UK/US political satire about the spin, wheeling and dealing in the corridors of power in the lead up to war.

The film begins when the British Secretary of State for International Development Simon Foster (Hollander), accidentally backs the movement towards war, which brings him to the attention of the powers in Washington and the Prime Ministers chief spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker (Capaldi). Foster is then asked to Washington where Tucker follows him in an attempt to smooth out diplomatic relations.

It's a very funny film, the script is quick and sharp and witty. There is so much duplicity and trickery going on in the halls of power where one wrongly uttered word can change the fate of a politician or even end their career. It's not a difficult leap of imagination to out the fictional events into real life - maybe it's a subject that's very close to home in today's world. Watching the political power plays, back stabbing, back tracking and spin is funny and dizzying.

In the centre of it all is the cobra like venom spitting Malcolm Tucker (Capaldi) a character who is so foul mouthed, vicious and powerful its jaw dropping to watch. His tantrums and rages (which he constantly seems to be on the edge of) punctuate the film as he spins and lurches from one PR disaster to the next salvaging positives out of the mistakes of the somewhat naive ministers. Tucker is such a great character you wait for him to appear - he totally dominates the movie, which isn't a bad thing.

It's quick, funny, witty, sharp, clever and funny - well worth a watch.

Director: Armando Iannucci


Peter Capaldi - Malcolm Tucker
Tom Hollander - Simon Foster
Gina McKee - Judy
James Gandolfini - Lt Gen George Miller

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