Soundcrash Presents - Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) At CargoWhen J5 descended onto the UK in the late nineties they caused an earthquake. Literally. Rap’s barbershop quartet tore through the music industry and became one of the few genuine hip hop crossover acts. An act that subsequently helped popularize hip hop to a mainstream UK audience.

But, one of the many things that differentiated J5 from many of their peers (though this was a great era for underground heads), was the fact that there was no dead weight. Having said that there was something especially captivating about the resonance of Chali 2na’s voice. It is perhaps not surprising then that out of all the emcees from J5 he became the unofficial point man and that he’s the one who’s show, and album, we’re getting excited about in '09.

From underground success to J5 and Ozomatli through numerous collaborations Chali 2na has remained the linchpin of whatever he gets involved in and this year finally saw the release of his long delayed solo album Fish Outta Water. 2na finally drops his solo shit and you finally get to see this world class emcee bust it out, as well as the best hits from his laurel laden years with J5 in London’s Cargo!

Lazy Habits will also be performing tracks off there recent release 'Extended Play'.

Date: 2nd December
Doors: 7.30, stage 8.30
Chali 2na
Lazy Habits
Charlee Brown

Soundcrash Presents - Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) At Cargo

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