Rhymes Won't Wait At Sound, Leicester Square 20/11/2009An invitation to a ‘thought provoking’ Friday night and how could I resist? I’m always up for new thoughts. This coupled with the fact that the Rhymes Won’t Wait collective had a heavy weighting of Slam Champions… instilled me with confidence that this would be an entertaining evening if nothing else.

Sabrina Mahfouz (Creative Producer) and Dean Atta (Creative Director) were the drivers of this creative new format to bring spoken word to those who maybe haven’t been a part of the ‘scene’ before or reignite the passion for it amongst the crowd who are already ‘in the know’.

We were greeted by the full Rhymes Won’t Wait collective on stage to open the evening. It was refreshing news that not everyone there was a Slam Champion (nod to Hollie McNish, Catherine Brogan and Deanna Rodger) we had a true range of experience from seasoned performers, dabblers and complete novices - the great news was… even the complete novices were great. The personal pieces were all based around the socially engaged theme of ‘conflict’ and they were met with silence you could hear a pin drop, cackles of laughter, attentive ears and loud applause.

Sabrina Mahfouz and Dean Atta. Photo by Pau RosThis theme continued with arresting group performances intercepted with relevant charities (Love Music Hate Racism, Object, Traid and Pen were all involved) who gave short, sharp, informative overviews of what they’re about and all of them were excited to be a part of something as cutting edge as Rhymes Won’t Wait.

The performance from Dizraeli was top class, really impressive and he got the audience interacting with the evening - Aruba Red closing the show was the perfect finale.

Rhymes Won’t Wait is the new place to be and if the Rhymes aren’t waiting… then neither am I… when’s the next one?

By: Natalie Loader

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