Werd (S.O.S) - Scottish Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2 [Audio]Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2 released 22/01/10 on Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) contains heavy mainstream tracks remixed by Scotland’s own; 'Drew Devine' aka 'Werd'. Tracks vary on the Mixtape from songs such as 'Do It Like This' that comes with the multi punch line flows, to cheeky remixes like ‘Poker Face’, and even a House of Pain remix 'C*nt Around'.

With this selection of tracks its clear to see Werd isn’t set to stay in any one style, but rather keep it mixed up to pull in as many different types of listener available.

Artist Bio:
Name:        Werd (Drew Devine)
Location:    Edinburgh (Auld Reekie), Scotland, UK
Label:         Self Published / Independent 'Sons of Scotland' aka 'S.O.S'
D.O.B:        June.1987

Werd (S.O.S) also known as Drew Devine, is an Edinburgh based hip hop artist signed to Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) record publishing. He mainly focuses on creating music in the genre of Scottish hip-hop or Electro / Trip-Hop with Savage Sound System also based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

First released material through Sons of Scotland with fellow emcee and Edinburgh resident Deeko, the duo gained success in Scotland and performed at various gigs throughout the country. The release itself, created an underground following for both artists, however Werd (S.O.S) never reached a larger audience until the release of 'The Scottish Rapper' towards the end of 2008. This mix tape attracted the ears of local promoters and artists projecting him to new heights and gaining exposure on a national scale.

WerdIn recent years Scottish hip-hop in the mainstream continued to surface with many older artists and groups such as Scotland Yard Emcees helping create the foundation in Edinburgh and likewise II Tone Committee in Glasgow. Werd therefore has continued to push the music, already making waves in the underground scene and appearing on national UK radio and international hip-hop stations in Germany, Norway, France and US. Featured on local stations such as Glasgow University's Subcity Radio and Steg G's Sunny Govan Community Radio he has progressed to larger national stations such as BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Werd has worked with, and continues to work with new and old artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists in the genre as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. Venues such as The Ark, GRV, Club Media, The Hide, Shanghai Club and The Venue have hosted Werd on stage in Edinburgh, also the famous 13th Note, and Beat Club in Glasgow. His music is mainly described as Scottish hip-hop however he also performs live with electro band Savage Sound System creating more of a Trip-Hop / Rock experience.

Other Work:
Werd (S.O.S) has also worked at youth workshops in Edinburgh using Beat boxing, Graff, Rapping and lyric writing. Mainly focused on writing lyrics and performing rap with young people, he has taught at 'Pilton Youth And Children's Project'.

Werd also worked on an Anti-Knife Crime project in 2009 with Leith Agency containing Scottish hip-hop music aimed towards a young audience. Together with Edinburgh City Council this was used as research at public schools and youth groups. Also featured on the project; Wardie Burns and UV Beatz.

Current S.O.S. releases:
Werd n Deeko Vol.1
Werd - The Scottish Rapper Mixtape
Werd - The Scottish Rapper Mixtape (Radio Edit)
Werd - Scottish Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.1
Werd - Scottish Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2
Werd - Patient Empowerment
Project: Auld Reekie
Wardie Burns - The Swine Flu Mixtape

Albums coming soon...
Werd - Untitled Scot (2010)
Wardie Burns / UV Beatz - Oor Wardie (2010) (Powercut Productions)

Also look out for a Werd / Savage Sound System E.P. + Werd / Wardie Burns Mixtape this year.

Go here for free scottish rap downloads: http://scottishrap.weebly.com
Your support is vital in the progression of rap music in Scotland.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact:
Buying / Shipping / Gigs / Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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