Giggs Shows Cancelled By PoliceAs being reported by the BBC the trend of the police shutting down Hip Hop events seems to be continuing. This time Peckham MC Giggs is the victim of this worrying trend. Now whilst it is true that Giggs is all about being strapped and is rather rude should the police following this tactic?

Is this a sensible action because trouble was bound to occur at any of Giggs’ gigs, or have the police overstepped the mark and unfairly prevented Giggs from plying his trade? Whilst we supposedly have freedom of speech shouldn’t an artist be able to record and perform whatever he likes regardless of how inflammatory it might be?

Should adults be allowed to decide for themselves whether they wish to attend the show or not?

The dates affected by the cancellation include gigs in Birmingham, Norwich, Leeds, London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham, Leeds, Cambridge and Manchester.
Giggs  was sentenced to two years in prison on gun charges several years ago and since then has gone on to beat Dizzee Rascal and Chipmunk to win Best UK Act at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta last October and has now signed with XL.

Giggs has been included in the longlist for this year's BBC Sound of 2010 vote, Giggs is now promoting his single Don't Go There. In response to this situation he has been quoted as saying, “I just want to thank the police for all this great promotion that they're giving me, all these cancellations and that is just making me more powerful”.

See the BBC link for more information:

youtube bhh channel

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