The Hurt LockerSet in post invasion Iraqi The Hurt Locker follows the bomb disposal squad as they are joined by SSG James (Renner) following the death of a previous squad member. James turns out to be an adrenaline junkie seemingly willing to ignore orders and endanger lives. James is cocky and confident and he relishes his work which is more than a little unsettling for the rest of his team.

Bigelow has created a great movie, a movie that like the soldiers in the bomb squads, doesn't ask questions about what is right and wrong, it just does what it does. And what it does is put you in the centre of the action, and gives you the closest sense of the unknown and confusion that reigns in conflict areas available. You get the idea of how tough it must be for troops living on adrenaline, making snap decisions that can cause tragedy in a second.

This is one of the must see movies of the past twelve months and for a good reason, its tight, crisp and so well acted you're swallowed up in events before the first 2 minutes have gone by. If there is any justice Bigelow will walk away with the Oscar for best director.

One of the best films I have seen in a long while - don't miss it.

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow


Jeremy Renner - SSG William James
Anthony Mackie - Sgt JT Sanborn
Brian Geraghty - Spc Owen Eldridge

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