Where The Buffalo RoamBill Murray plays the madcap journalist Hunter S Thompson in this semi biographical tale of drugs, alcohol, attorneys and the occasional mention of journalism. Murray is instantly recognisable in 'Hunter' garb although he doesn't go in for the full bald head unlike Johnny Depp in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. That though is probably the main difference in these two Hunter based movies.

Hunter crashes a convertible, Hunter consumes lots of drugs, Hunter consumes lots of alcohol, Hunter is accompanied by his Attorney, Hunter trashes a hotel room, Hunter tries and fails to cover a major sporting event - theres even a weird hitchhiker and flying bats. Excuse me if you have heard this before but if you have seen Fear & Loathing you have also seen it before. I know its unfair of me - Where the Buffalo Roam was made in 1980 but I have only just seen it, although I feel that I have already seen it - watch one, either one but not both, its way too repetitive.

Directed by Art Linson

Bill Murray - Hunter S Thompson
Peter Boyle - Lazlo

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