Hired Gun, Rabbi Darkside, Zajazza - Skillz To Take Brazil CD [Say Word Entertainment]Hired Gun never fails to surprise me with his quick delivery and excellent flow. Combining his talent with Rabbi Darkside and Zajazza makes the “Skillz To Take Brazil” even more amazing.

The album focuses on Rabbi D and Hired Gun’s recent visit to Brazil. It combines that Brooklyn swagger that people are familiar with and adds a Brazilian flavour, encompassing the sounds and even collaborating with a couple of Brazilian MC’s who showcase their talent.

The tracks all flow into one another my personal favourite, “Somos Assim” which features, UR$ Fundao, starts off with a simple acoustic guitar, a beatboxer and a Protuguese Hip-Hop.

The track develops into something more taking away the guitar when Hired Gun rhymes then bringing it back and mixing English and Portuguese lyrics, all artists bringing their own style to the track. Laid back track definitely something you can just kick-back to.

“Skillz To Take Brazil” definitely shows that Hip-Hop is popular the world over not only in the US and that Hip-Hop has a big following in Brazil. The album brings the sounds of Brazil together well while maintaining their own Brooklyn sound and identity.

Dope Album get a copy now!

By: Nikhil Sharma | http://hiphopinformant.blogspot.com

The album is available here:

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youtube bhh channel

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