Seanie T at Alaska Street Studios, Waterloo 20 Aug 2010I recently went to Alaska Street Studios near Waterloo Station with the purpose of checking out a band that was led by… wait for it… Seanie T. For some, an unexpected artist to be leading a band but after knowing the diversity of his music, this was not so much of a surprise. Believe me, anyone who knows British hip-hop, knows Seanie T.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an intimate set up with a good crowd waiting for the band to organise themselves. There had been a few bands on stage already this evening and the free booze had pretty much been demolished, but people were still hanging on to see what was next. From the crowds response I can only assume that they were pleased that they stayed.

Seanie T at Alaska Street Studios, Waterloo 20 Aug 2010The band consists of:

  • Kwadjo on Keys,
  • Vicky on Trumpet,
  • Peter Reynolds on Drums,
  • Yosuke Shinikubo on Lead Guitar,
  • Micheal Gumble on Bass,
  • Kayla on Vocals.

There were slick moves from all of the artists, with Seanie T making sure that they were paid their dues by introducing each artist individually. Of course much of the attention was paid to the two front people Seanie T and Kayla because… well… that’s how things work with lead singers in a band. However, the band were pretty much flawless in playing their individual instruments.

The tunes performed were War, Bullit, Loving You, Profile And Move Ya Shoulder. It was a very impressive performance that provided a taste of what’s to come in the near future. The crowds on the night caught on to the hooks almost instantly and when the show finished parts of each tune were being repeated as people went back to their mingling frenzy. Although the dates are not set for release yet, I know I will be waiting for the new single Bullit to come into our shops and, needless to say, online. At the moment, the single is set to be released in October 2010.

Overall a great selection of music with some terrific tunes performed with real sincerity that, at times, that could really pinch at your emotions. I think this single is a banger so make sure you get your mitts on it as soon as you can. Keep an eye out for the Loving You track, I think it will be on the album that should come out soon enough!

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Seanie T - Bullit

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