9 Lives - The World Could Wait MP3 [Social Misfit Entertainment]Here is the debut solo album from Stone Circle’s 9 Lives. This superb fifteen track free download album was produced by Sir Prestige of the infamous Social Misfits Entertainment camp. This is an introduction to 9 Lives as a solo artist and is already receiving positive feedback from some of the main players in the UK Hip-Hop scene.

This is real music with depth, soul and originality. 9 Lives may be described as a South West London based writing entity. Neither mere group member nor purely soloist, neither only emcee nor simply maker of instrumentals, he is multi faceted. This extends through both his input and output for the art form he loves.

Perhaps 9 is best described as one fourth of what is collectively known as Stone Circle. The interest that 9 holds for music can be traced back to childhood. This was before his path even crossed with Hip-hop. However, once it did, his involvement in the industry began. In 1995, he co-founded what was to become Stone Circle, a four-piece crew of MCs with a freshness and uniqueness that has earned the respect of many of their peers.

In 2003, through Social Misfit Recordings, Stone Circle were able to release their debut album Infrastructure. This was to feature 9 Lives as a writer, performer, musician and producer.

To date, 9’s production and writing talents have featured across five various albums with an anticipated follow-up to Infrastructure planned by Stone Circle in the near future. Through his unique approach to music, lyrics and delivery he has been able to creatively mould his own sound. Often introspective, 9 finds himself constantly drawing inspiration from the hardships and truimphs of his own life and those around him. All of these songs aspire towards a debut solo album intended to showcase the talents of an individual with something different to say.

9 Lives was recently a guest on prime-time Sky News Breakfast talking to Eamon Holmes about how his son was taken and then left in Jamaica without his consent and how he struggled through court proceedings to get him back. You can view the interview now on You Tube at this link… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUyuLjvEiNE. 9 Lives is now raising money for the charity ‘Reunite International’ who helped him to get his son back. Please visit the Just Giving page and feel free to donate any amount you wish as it really is for a good cause… http://www.justgiving.com/waitingworld.

If you love proper hiphop with lyrical substance then do yourself a favour and take advantage of the generosity, download "The World Could Wait" now!


Its Free!

Music video for ‘Endless’ Feat Manifest:

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9 Lives - The World Could Wait MP3 [Social Misfit Entertainment]

Track List:

01. Intro (The World Could Wait)
02. What Do U Call It Feat Middleman & Smiler
03. This Is Living
04. Friday Night
05. Are You A Fan? Feat I’Chelmee
06. Insert Your Name
07. Getting Up Feat Middleman
08. Lost Property
09. Numbers
10. Raise Your Glass
11. Manifizzles Intermission
12. Endless Feat Manifest
13. Square One Feat Stone Circle & Manny Moscow
14. Goodbye
15. Dream Graveyard

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