The Dubber - With A Feeling MP3 [Global Warning]Acoustic, neo-soulful vibes and an incredibly soulful and mellow voice, The Dubber got my attention when I heard the lead single “With A Feeling” off of his forthcoming album “Global Warming”. This is one of those tracks you just can’t get tired of hearing.

The Dubber mixes a soulful, RnB, Indie, Acoustic mix of sounds into one track and with so many different genres and styles you would think that the track would sound a bit miss-matched and not exactly ear-friendly.

The tracks takes on a rather sombre tone and the track is slow with regards to tempo but it is a relaxed track and combined with the soulful voice make the track very interesting listen.

At 2:38, the track does have a rather strange interval with The Dubber repeating “You’re moving slow” four times but it quickly picks up again. The only bad points with the track are that the lyrics are a little repetitive and the interval which breaks up the flow of the record which, may not be to everyone’s taste.

All in all the track is very solid and is a teaser, that shows that if the album can begin with such a strong track then the album as a whole will follow the same pattern. This is a track not to be missed so catch it on YouTube and be sure to get the album.

THE Dubber and Global Warming, not an album or artist to be missed.

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