DJ Mentat feat. Skinnyman - When I Give My Heart To YouComing at you fresh and loud, DJ Mentat is an artist who seems to be here, there and everywhere this summer. If this is the future of UK Hip Hop, the future certainly looks good. Dishing out the full extreme flavour with his latest, infectious offering, DJ Mentat featuring Skinnyman, ‘When I Give My Heart to You’, is a slice of pure summer hip hop heaven.

This has the word ‘classic’ etched all over it. The original limited edition promo release sold out and smashed it on the underground and mainstream, from Radio 1 rotating it for 10 weeks, 15 weeks on Kiss FM and 13 weeks ‘A’ listed on 1xtra. Also featured heavily on XFM, Itch FM, Galaxy and Choice FM. DJ’s like Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Ras Kwame and Kiss FM DJ’s, DJ MK, DJ Skully and DJ Swerve supported it in a big way! Not just over here in the UK, but this track been rinsed by DJ’s in countries like France, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. It’s practically got to be in every Hip-Hop DJ’s record bag!

This full release features the original club banger, which has the potent SkinnyMan who now performs this huge crowd pleaser live on stage. DJ Mentat brings even more heat with a sick exclusive remix from the god that is Joe Buhdah of (Sureshot Entertainment, Kyza, Terrafirma & Klashnekoff) and the popular Foreign Beggars’ producer Dag Nabbit’s (Dented Records) remix is simply amazing!

There’s even more: the mighty Mystro (Natural Born Spitters, Kung Fu) features on the bonus track ‘Waiting’, which was 1xtra’s tune of the week. Pretty amazing for a B side!

DJ Mentat is one of the most supported DJ/Producers on radio at the minute getting enough props! Everyone's been waiting for this release and the demand has been huge. The time is now!

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