DJ Vadim Presents The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo - Beautiful CD [O.G.S]If you havent already heard the whispers around town since they supported Fat Freddys Drop on their European Tour, The Electric are a fresh new group spearheaded by the renowned beat-taster DJ Vadim. Known for travelling the globe in search of the best musical influences, Daddy Vad has united superb artists, UK soulstress Sabira Jade and lyrical marvel MC Pugs Atomz, to make a truly international collective, saturated with harmony and flavour.

Taken from their highly anticipated debut album 'Life Is Moving' - out early next year - the captivating Beautiful is the groups first single, and it rouses our musical appetite through a long and gentle retro kiss. An unconventional love song that grooves with your soul, Beautiful is a track that serves as much as thank you to fans as a reminder of the collective positivity that unites us all.

Sabira's warm vocals, both uplifting and soulful, draw you in close, while Pugs' romantic wordplay and charismatic shout-outs subtly enhance the smooth style while adding some unexpected twists and turns to the dimension of sound. Lyricist and singer Yarah Bravo is the perfect collaborative choice, her poetic addition soaked in tender attitude pushes the single over the edge of super-coolness.

As if that wasn't enough, our ears are treated to the recognisably eclectic production from Vadim himself. Book your mind on a one way ticket to a throwback time when dreamy synths and late-night cocktails were common place, as DJ Vadim manages to seamlessly unify a love for retro west coast hip hop, soul, and 80's disco with an infectious futuristic sound, resulting in a laidback track that grooves with your soul and promises to never let go.

Released on Vadim and Yarah Bravo's own label Organically Grown Sounds (O.G.S), the lead single perfectly illustrates the commitment the duo have to releasing quality independent music directly to the masses.

To celebrate its release, the track comes with a string of inspiring remixes from some of the best known, and unknown, producers around for full details please visit The Electric website.

The single includes remixes by Memory 9, Benji Boko, H3ADphON3Z and Suonho.

DJ Vadim Presents The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo - Beautiful CD [O.G.S]

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