In 2008 Diversidad put together a track with emcees from six countries (including Curse, Promoe (Looptroop), Mucho Mu (7 Notas 7 Colores) and Abd Al Malik to name a few). This track was groundbreaking in its concept, the organizers having managed to get some of the cream of the European Hip Hop scene in the studio together.

This album continues the theme, this time including twenty artists from twelve countries. Some more known than others, people who have been paying attention to European Hip Hop will recognize the Amsterdammer MC Melodee (La Melodia) and Remi (from the Croatian group Elemental – which also includes Shot who is featured), dope Spanish emcee Nach and the legend that is Curse (one of the executive producers of the project).

The other artists are new names to me but based on this project I will be seeking out more of their work. They are Rival and Pitcho (Belgium), Marcus Price (Sweden), Orelsan (France), Luche from Co’ Sang (Italy), Frenkie (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and GMBisGeryMendes (the Netherlands). To bring a smooth edge to the proceedings, the German singer Mariama is put to task on six of the fourteen tracks. She has a special singing voice and is not too hard on the eyes either…

This is not an easy album to review unless you are a linguistic genius – for most listeners it is more a question of whether it sounds good rather than what is being said (there are nine languages on there). The production is very keyboard based, something I feel could have been done better. The beatmakers; Spike Miller, C.H.I., Cookin' Soul & Eversor have certainly put together a cohesive set though, and the sound is pumping throughout. Stand out cuts for me are ‘Last Days’ and ‘Where I’m From’ on which the production seems to step up a notch from the somewhat clubby commercial sound of tracks like ‘The Experience’ and ‘I Got It’.

As a keen supporter of UK Hip Hop I am disappointed that the organizers were unable to enlist a Ty, a Skinnyman or a Lowkey, but this is a minor gripe in the face of a project which has obviously been a struggle to put together – the whole album having been recorded over ten days! You can find out more and follow this process by watching the Diversidad video series on

As if the album and movie series wasn’t already a ton of work, Diversidad will also be touring a show across Europe with a graphic art exhibition.

All together an amazing project!

Release Date: February 14th 2011

By: Esh | For international hip-hop:

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