Skillzbeatz - The UK Producer Making Major NoiseSkillzbeatz is one of the UK's formidable forces in HipHop, he doesn't limit himself there though even branching out into R&B, Drum & Bass and really anything from urban music to pop. He has always worked exclusivly with artists notching up credits with well known acts and companies such as...

The Walt Disney Co
Maybach Music - Continuously working with
J Hood - Currently working with
Fredro Star (ONYX) - Currently working with
Young Breed (Maybach/Triple C's) - Currently working with
Skibadee (UK) - Continuously working with
Harry Shotta (UK) - Continuously working with
Fredi Kruga (UK) - Continuously working with
Navigator (UK) - Continuously working with
Frisco (UK)
Eksman (UK) - Continuously working with
Trigga(UK) - Currently working with
Bang Em Smurf (FDW) - Currently working with
Maybach Dice (Maybach Music/FDW) - Currently working with
Cashis (Shady Records) - Currently working with
Five the General - Currently working with
Slim (112)
Stormin (UK) - Continuously working with
Scru Fizzer (UK) - Currently working with
Doitall (Lords of the underground)
Calico Jones (SODMG)
Cashmere (Cash Administration)
Bigtyme (Capos)
Young Dizzy
Wais P

Skillz is currently working on his debut album that includes some of the names mentions but also some big surprises that wont be revealed just yet.

He has always worked exclusivly with artists but now has decided to make some instrumentals available for independant artists to take advantage of. Working with Skillzbeatz isn't just about getting a beat, every project gets extensive promotion worldwide especially with his vast network in the UK, USA and Europe.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also get information regarding mixtape hosting and mixtape slots.


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