Big Boi (Outkast) Live + Support From Yasmin 23rd JuneThis is a rare live London date for this Hip-Pop superstar. Mean Fiddler is putting on an exclusive London gig featuring a performance from super producer and member of one of the biggest rap groups of all time. Big Boi transformed into his more mature self, Sir Luscious Left Foot, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2007 and began recording his first stand alone solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty.

Antwan André Patton has had an activist spirit in his raps since OutKast’s 1994 platinum debut Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. They went on to release five more groundbreaking albums with their 2003’s Speakerboxxx / The Love Below, becoming a milestone double release featuring solo CDs by Big Boi and his partner-in-rhyme André 3000. It went on to win three Grammys and become one of the best-selling hip hop albums in history - 11 times platinum in the U.S. and over 15 million worldwide!

Sir Lucious Left Foot’s lead single, the Scott Storch produced Shutterbug follows in the footsteps of Speakerboxxx / The Love Below’s monumental #1 hit singles, Big Boi’s The Way You Move featuring Sleepy Brown and André 3000’s Hey Ya!. "It's a cut that's all about capturing the moment, whether it be your kid's first steps or you got a Polaroid and you with your lady somewhere", Big Boi explains. "It's about capturing the moment and getting them good times".

In the beginning of their wild ride towards becoming the most successful rap group of all time with six multi-platinum albums, the Atlanta duo witnessed how deeply their songs resonate with fans. Sir Lucious Left Foot is the adult version of Big Boi, on top of his solo work Big Boi has also been busy producing the amazing debut from Janelle Monae. The singer’s eclectic debut The ArchAndroid was released this year in 2010 to critical acclaim.

As he evolves, Sir Luscious Leftfoot may have a lot on his plate, but Big Boi insists he’ll keep rapping, "'til I get tired. When they say hip hop is a young man’s game, I say shame on you".

Live: Big Boi (Outkast)
Support: Yasmin Live
DJ Emily Rawson

Doors: 6.30PM  ***BIG BOI ON STAGE AT 8.30PM***
Date: Thursday 23rd June
Venue: Heaven, London

Exclusive very limited concessions tickets available for £15 here. (normal price £22.50)

Big Boi (Outkast) Live + Support From Yasmin 23rd June

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