Has-Lo - Limit [Video]Has-Lo's debut album In Case I Don't Make It began garnering attention imediately upon release. XXL Mag, The LA Weekly, eMusic Editor in Chief J. Edward Keyes, and Passion of the Weiss all selected the album as a standout. Though not your typical party and grab ass record, ICIDMI turned heads because of it's gritty take on a life far too many of us know, one lived at the breaking point.

Today, Has-Lo and director Antonio Battle present the video for the standout track Limit. Shot against black brick with Wu-esque Chinese masks covering the wall and bare light bulbs, the stark atmosphere of the set is indelible. Has takes on the camera to relay a tale of being fed up:

"They say a man only takes so much and then snaps / And they all seem shocked / When his ass pulls up and pulls out / On the room, when he’s pullin his tool back to cut / When there’s no where to move and he shoots / (rrrrat!) you’re done."
The beat, produced by Has-Lo, starts with a sample from a popular 80's film that belies the intensity about to come. Hard drums and eeiry vibraphone ring out. When asked Has-Lo states: "The song is about betrayal and how a person processes what's happening to them with that betrayal. It's loosely based on some things that happened to me, so the mood is very aggressive. I was angry! The beat is angry too. I think most of us can relate to a line or two if not the entire song". Indeed.

Has-Lo - Limit


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